Put the sentences in the plural:
1.There is a mouse under the chair.
2.I have a cup in my hand.
3. The child is in the living room.
4. The goose is swimming on the lake.
5. The man gives his wife a flower.
6. The woman washes the dirty clothes.
7. My food is cold.
8. Does the baby have a tooth in his mouth ?
9. Alice in buying a scarf.
10. There is a knife on the floor.



1 there are mice under the chairs
2 I have cups in my hands
3 the children are in the living room
4 the geese are swimming on the lakes
5 the men give theirs wives flowers
6 the women wash the dirty clothes
7 " food"  nu are plural, deci eu zic ca ar ramane tot my food is cold
8 do the babies have teeth in their mouths?
9 alice is buying scarves
10 there are knives on the floor