Write as many questions as you can beginning with what, where, who or when for the following answers:
1.. We visited our friends last week.
2. Tom played on the computer.
3. Dennis watched the Chicago Bulls' game on TV.
4. Carol was at our house for lunch.
5. She arrived at 6 o'clock.
6. His wife cooked a Greek dish.
7. Randy spoke on the phone with Joyce for two hours.
8. Once my friend called me after midnight.
9. Bob paid the check for a new car.
10. Clara smiled when she saw Daniel.



1. What did we do last week?
Who did we visit last week?
When did we visit our friends?
2. What did Tom?
Who played on the computer?
Where did Tom play?
3. What did Dennis watch on TV?
Where did Dennis watch the Chicago Bulls' game?
Who watched the Chicago Bulls' game on TV?
4. Where was Carol for lunch?
Who was at our house for lunch?
5. Who arrived at 6 o'clock?
What did she do at 6 o'clock?
When did she arrive?
6. What did his wife do?
Who cooked a Greek dish?
7. Who spoke on the phone for two hours?
With who did Randy speak at the phone?
What did Randy do for two hours?
8. What did my friend do?
Who called me after midnight?
When did my friend called me once?
9. What did Bob do?
Who paid the check for the a car?
10. What did Clara do?
Who smiled when she saw Daniel?
Who saw Clara and smiled?
When did Clara smile?