Make questions for wihch the underlined words are the answer :
1. It shows a lot in the mountains.
2. The Germans produce excellent chocolate.
3. Traffic keeps to the left in Australia.
4. Salt comes from under the ground.
5. I get up early every Saturday.
6. Tom eats three biscuits every day.
7. We never write homework at night.
8. Eddy and Mark always Play tennis together.
9. She must take the shortest way to school.
10. They usually play chess on Sunday.



1 . Where is shows a lot ?
2. Who produce a excellent chocolate ?
3.Where  is the traffic keept to the left ?
4. Where is the salt coming from ?
When are you wake up every sunday ?
6, How many biscuits eat tom everyday.?
7. When do you never wrote your homework ?
8. What are they do together ?
9.what way she must take to school ?
10. When are they playing chess?