1.On .... Mondays Jane has pottery classes
a.- b.every c.the d.a
2.She bought her car ............ two years ago.
a. almost b.before c.quite d.already
3. By the time the train arrived, John ,,,, to buy a ticket
a.will have to b.had managed c.must d.will manage
4,It is as spectacular .... it is rich history.
a. like b.how c.than d.brings
5.you... churches, old houses and palaces.
a. pass b.cross c.spot d.glance



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1 a) ---

2 a) almost

3 b) had managed

4 a) like

 5 c)spot
1a) este spatiu liber. Nu se pune nimic
atunci este, am crezut ca este articol, este varianta a)
ms mult
cu placere ;)