Turn questions from direct into reported speech , as in the exeaple

EXAMPLE : [[example: "Do you like playing volleyball ?" Steve asked Greg.
Steve asked Greg if/wether he liked playing voleyball ]]
1."What do you want for lunch?" mother asked.
2."Will you take me to the beach on Saturday?" Harry asked.
3.Brad asked , "Have you seen my dog?"
4."Where are you going?" father asked.
5."How tall are you?" John asked me.
6.Eve asked, "Did you buy any break?"
7."Is Sheila your best friend?" he asked.



1 mother asked me what i'd like for lunch
2 Harry asked me if i would take him to the beach on saturday
3 Brad asked me if i've seen his dog
4 my father asked me where i'm going to
5 John asked me how tall i am
6 Eve asked me if i would buy any break
7 he asked me if Shaila is my best friend