Complete the sentences using will ;going to or the present continuos
1.I' ve got the tickets!We........(fly)to new york on wednesday
2.Rap's his favourite type of music.He.........(love) this record.
3.Simon's got this funny plan.He says he's ......(make) a rocket with old cans of lemonade!
4.Val .....(make) a chocolate cake this afternoon.She's already bought all the ingredients
5.Do you think that one day man .......(live) on the moon?
6.I......(stay) at home and read a book.That's what I intendto do this evening.

P.S Daca esti clasa a 7a si ai manual de engleza high flyer intermediate si ai facut unit 12 ma poti ajuta si la exercitiul 6\51



1) will fly
2) is loveing
3) going to make
4) is making
5) will live
6) i will stay
1 5 1
A) Will fly;
b) Is loveing
c) Going to make
d) Is making
e) Will live
f) I will stay.