Propoziti cu verbele:was,became,began,bit,blew,broke,brought,built,bought,caught,chose,came,cost,cut,did,drew,drank,drove,ate,fell,fed,felt,fought,found,flew,forgot,got,gave,went,grew,had,heard,hit,held,hurt,kept,knew,learnt,left,lent,lost,made,met,paid,put,tead,rode,rang,ran,said,saw,sold,sent



I was a doctor a long time ago.
I became a successful businessman.
I began to think about the future.
It's a bit cloudy outside.
This song will blow your mind.
I broke my arm last weekend.
I brought you a gift.
Romaninas should built more highways.
Your bought a nice preasent for her.
You got cought.
You chose your college, so don't complain about it.
You came to me for help, remember?
That car will cost you a lot.
Just cut to the chase.
I did something wonderful.
I think I will drew a bird.
He was kinda drank last night.
He drove all day yesterdday so he is tired now.
I ate too much.
I fell down the stairs yesterday and I am not feeling so well now.
You need to feed your dog.
I felt that.
People fought agaisnt communism in 1989.
I found a dog so I decided to keep him.
The plane flew to L.A. last night.
I forgot to tell her about my brother.
I got myself a nice necklace.
She gave me a good advice.
I went to the shop even if I was tired.
She grew so fast.
It's kinda hard to hear you with all these noise.
I heard you studied a lot for your exams.
He said he wouldn't hit anyone.
I held her hands and it was insane, in a good way.
She hurted me even she doesn't know.
I kept telling myself that she won't cheat me again.
I knew you are smart.
I learnet a lot of things at school.
I was upset so I left.
He never lent money to anyone.
I can't belive I lost at that game.
You made all this so be proud.
My heart was exploading when I first met you.
She got paid for the good work.
You have to put that down, is verry fragile.
She rode the horse like a pro.
Why did you rang her?!
He ran like crazy when he sap the cops.
You said that you will buy me flowers.
I never saw that side of you.
I sold my laptop on e-bay.
Yout like the flowerst that I sent you.