Find the mistakes in the following sentences .Identify the mistakes , explain why they occurred and write the correct forms.

a)John has broken his arm.
This has happened yesterday .
b)My brother is not at home.
He didn't come home yet.
c)Have you written the greeting card?
Yes,I did.
d)When did you last see him ?
I have seen him yesterday.


b) My brother isn't at home. He HASN'T COME yet. (a plecat in trecut si inca este plecat si in momentul vorbirii)
c) Have you written the greeting card? Yes, I HAVE. (se raspunde cu primul verb cu care s-a pus intrebarea)
d) When did you last last see him? I saw him yesterday (reprezinta ceva deja intamplat)
multumesc nu merge sat dau ca cel mai bun imi pare rau
Nu conteaza, important e ca te-am ajutat


A) this happened to me ....
b)he hasn't come....
c)i saw him..