Can i fly?
I neeed to fiind my friends.
I forget my bag at home.
I draw a picture.
I would go.
I have a friend.
Can i hear you.
I want to hit you.
I hold.
I had hurt.
I keep this money for me.
I know you.
I learn how to drive.
I leave home.
I will lend.
I lose my money.
I make a cake.
I meet you.
They have paid.
Put this here.
I read a book.
I ride a motocicle.
You would ring.
I run to the police.
You say this is not good.
You see the bus?
I sell my house.
I send to you a postcard.

ai grija cu timpurile, ai o gramada de greseli :D
I will find you.
The plane is flying towards Madrid.
I forgot something at home.
You have to go.
I wanna drow something nice.
You have no choice.
I heard your failed an exam.
I will never hit a girl.
Holn on, I have to do something.
Whu your hurted her ?!
Keep that in mind.
I know english pretty well.
I don't like to learn.
You have to leave.
I will lend you some money.
I never lose at football.
You make your own destiny.
I like to meet new people.
You have to pay the housekeeper.
Put the gun down!
I didn't read anything good lately.
She likes to ride the horse.
I just bought my girlfriend a new ring.
You need to run faster to get a good mark/grade.
I would say that you should be more careful.
You have to see for yourself to belive!
I will sell my bike tomorow.
I just sent a message to my mom telling her I will be late.
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