I can eat.
I can swim in the sea,
I can write the homework.
I can read a book.
I can make ca cake.
I can repair a car.
I can begin the test.
I can play with you.
I can turn off the lights.
SI fa si tu singur in continuare restul propozitiilor,e foarte simplu,pui orice persoana la inceput+verbul can+restul propozitiei ;)
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Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
I can play football .
You can cook an omelette.
She can drive the car .
We can read .
You can write in English
They can speak English.
Can I play football ?
Can you cook ?
Can she drive ?
Can we read ?
Can you write ?
Can they speak ?
Can you paint ?
Can you sing ?
Can they dance ?
I can run fast .
You can jump high .
He can swim well.
I can make a book.
Can you make ?
Sper ca sunt ok 20 :-s