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Snowing , snowing again. Large flakes floating in the air and settles into a carpet increasingly fuzzy . Snow trees adorn with sparkling garlands and hair like sugar figurines .
Although winter is terrible and knead blizzard world is full of children tobogganing cheerful cheeks aglow . Houses concealed under large white hats are surrounded by a crystal field .
It is a wonderful landscape : soft and fluffy carpet of snow dominate the land that seems mort.Singurele traces of their life is joyful kids smoke that rises above the houses and plants that adorn the streets , windows and trees . They symbolize the winter holidays that bring joy and love in our hearts.
Winter white is like a fairy that comes in our country in her silver sleigh pulled by reindeer . Like a true warrior she take over the earth. The sky is cloudy and gray , and the sun , trapped behind the curtains of heavy clouds and threatening . Winter sits over bright white stretch lace , finely woven billions of hooks and needles.
This winter landscape , seems detached from a fairytale meets less often and therefore is something priceless, something all of us should experience at least once in life .