Accountant, postwoman, flight attendant, software developer, teacher
a. Obviously, my work involves _____(travel) a lot. It can be quite physically _____(tire),
but I enjoy _____(deal) with customers, except when they become violent. Luckily this
doesn't happen often.
b. I like _____(work) with figures, but my job is much less _____(bore) and routine than
people think. The work _____(involve) a lot of human contact and teamwork, working with
other managers.
c. Of course, it involves getting up quite early in the morning. But I like _____ (be) out in
the open air. And I get a lot of exercise!
d. You've got to think in a very logical way. The work can be mentally _____(tire), but it's
very satisfying to write a program that works.
e. I love my job. It's very _____(stimulate) and not at all _____(repeat): no two days are the
same. It's good to see the children learn and develop.



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A. traveling, tiring, dealing

b. working, boring, involves

c. beeing

d. tiring

e. stimulating, repeating

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