Which of the following persons is most likely to do each of these five things:
work in shifts, work under a flexitime system, telecommute, commute to work, clock on and
off at the same time every day.
1. A software designer in an Internet company. Has to be in the office.
2. An office worker in a large, traditional manufacturing company.
3. A manager in a department store in a large city. Lives in the country.
4. A construction worker on a building site where work goes on 24 hours a day.
5. A technical writer for a city computer company. Lives in the country.



1.work on a flexitime system
3.clock on and clock off at the same time every day
4.work in shifts
5.commute to work
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4.clock on and off at the same time every day
1. work under a flexitime system..
2.work in shifts
3.commute to work
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