Trebuie sa corectez textul:
I work for a French supermarket company. I work (1) about the development of new
supermarkets. In fact, I (2) running the development department and I (3) am manage for a
team looking at the possibilities in different countries. It's very interesting. One of my (4)
main is to make sure that new supermarkets open on time. I'm also (5) charged with
financial reporting. I deal (6) at a lot of different organizations in my work. I'm (7)
responsible of planning projects from start to finish. I work closely (8) near our foreign
partners, and so I travel a lot.



1. for
2. run
3. manage
4. tasks
6. with
8. to

Te ajut si eu cu ce stiu. Decat sa dau raspunsuri gresite, mai bine stau in banca mea, nu? ;)
Multumesc! :*