In my opinion the best and beautiful car is the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, I like very much all Bentley and generally english cars, but I think that the Flying Spur is a masterpiece fo the motor industry. And it's price is "only" 175000€ without optionals.
Aniway very beautiful cars are also Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, BMW M5, Aston Martin DB9 and Range Rover.
Another of my favourites is the Hillman Imp. For those who have not heard of it, this car was Hillman's answer to the Mini, but it could not have been more different. It is a small saloon powered by a rear mounted 875cc all alloy overhead camshaft engine developing 39bhp in standard trim or 51bhp in sport trim with twin carburettors. By modern standards it isn't fast, but back when it first appeared in 1963 it was a very quick little car, and that coupled with go cart like handling make it real fun, even at the relatively low speeds possible on modern roads - this car actually gets to be a handfull well within the speed limits! Unfortunately mechanical problems early on gave it a bad reputation it never recovered from, and it was put out of production in 1976. I am lucky enough to own a 1973 Imp Super with the twin carb engine that is awaiting a rebuild, but in the mean time I can satisfy my Imp cravings with a 1966 Singer Chamois, which was to all intents and purposes the luxury version of the Imp.

I am also fond of the Rover P5 and P6 ranges, Jaguar XK120, 5 cylinder Audis (especially the original 80 Coupe), Mk1 Ford Escort and even the Allegro and Marina. In fact, if its not modern its unlikely I won't like it at least a little bit.