My summer,my dream. I couldn t wait to have three months of relax,sun and icecream, so many days of happiness and long walks on the beach.
 Even if I like school and i am an intelligent person,I just want a break from school. So i am going to talk about summer and only summer
  First of all,I lLOVE summer. Its also my favorite season. Why? I can go to the sea,lie in the sun,swim,joke around with my friends...
   I can stay at home,go at the grandparents. And not to mention again:no school.
  i think this is the main reason why all the children love summer so much.
     Now i am going to talk about what i am going to do in this special holiday..
 let s see.... Fisr.I ll go a week to the seaside with my best friends,Jake Martha. WE will visit everything and swim, a lot. After that,I ll go to bucharest with m,y mother and a friend,ANNA. I'll go shopping to the mall and visit another friends. Then I'll GO THE mountains with my father and another uncle of mine.
  Anyways,this summer will be a lot of fun.
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