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Happy Hotel, opened in 2003, is available to guests 20 apartments of different sizes, which meet family, friends or business meetings. Besides the advantageous location and easy accessibility, the hotel combines traditional qualities of a hotel with those of a flat. 
The hotel is situated in the vicinity of Fair Centre and Stadium Puskas Ferenc, 300 meters away from the metro station Stadionok, about the same distance from the M3 motorway Városligeti Central Park and downtown. 
In the hotel there are 10 smaller apartments (50 square meters) and 10 older (80 sqm) with central heating and air conditioning, each equipped with kitchen and bathroom. The 5-storey building there is a breakfast room and a cafeteria open non-stop.
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it is a hotel. has 30 rooms. I came with my family are a bit upset but it's fine.I liked so much bedroom which had a bed with a soft mattress and never-ending sweets. I loved to stay at the hotel bedroom and bathroom loved everything.