Give exemplary sentences with the following words:

1) Sophisticated
2) Outrageous
3) Utter

3. Please, can you utter this word?
Georgya, 2. are şi un "it" in fată".
"It is outrageous to speak like this."
dap, ai dreptate, e si it in fata dreptate


1.Things being said here are extremely outrageous. 2 She is a very sophisticated lady. 3. Can you utter your sentence louder?
1) I think that Kate Middelton is a sophisticated lady.
2) it's outrageous to throw the garbage on the street
3) Why do you Utter? can't you talk like normal people?
1."Utter" nu inseamnă 'a țipa'. 2. Se spune 'in the street' şi nu "on". Doar daca vrei să foloseşti "pavement", atunci, da.
am stat in America o vreme, cred ca stiu cum se spune. In the street inseamna pe strada. On the street inseamna pe jos
Ei, aşa se explică. Una e Am E. şi alta e British! Dar cum la noi, e un ghiveci din ambele, I rest my case!