"I still remember with nostalgia the first day of school. Swallowed breakfast knots, equipment meticulous in new clothes, backpack back and ... no ... I went to school: me, my mom and dad. Emotions were huge . Along the way, I noticed with relief that I was not the only one who looks like a young student, I was even proud of my outfit and supplies and started to go straight, head up and eyes forward. finally, we come to school gate which was invaded by children eager to meet again friends, tell his vacation memories or, as in my case - to see what it's like I just came wide corridors, sparkling clean, and my courage melted like bulgarele snow in the sun ... I thought I did not want to stay alone, without mother and father, without my friends play. a time came when I had to find my class to get my courage and to sit in one of the banks clean. a lady teacher came, his face lighted by a smile at the sight of our ochisorilor surprised. With a warm soul with a gentle voice, we approached the dance. I I was shy. He spent more than talking to me and encouraged me. Kindly guide me, teaching me the rules of school life. I remember how I learned the letter "a". "Children, the letter" a "is the first letter of the word peanuts, and the alphabet.". School teacher smiles and kindness helped me to become courageous and determined to walk on the path of learning. He was correct in that assessment, rewarding me by my work. But now, with eyes full of tears, I break his rule. I can not forget the gentle and delicate nature not only remains for me to thank him very much for the way who helped me and shaped me as a student and as a person. I can say one thing before I burst into tears: "Goodbye, Mrs. teacher! '" sper sa fie bine