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  Winter fun                                                                                                                      I like all seasons but my favorite one is winter. Then all is white and look so tidy, that you can-t make a difference between one thing and another. The snow sets everywhere, on the roofs, on the streets, and the houses look like some cupcakes with whipped-cream. In the winter is very cold outside and it always snows. The nature is frozen and it waits for the springto come. The days are shorter than the nights and atabout 6 o-clock the night comes.My favorite winter activity is skiing. Every year meand my family go to the mountains where we have a lot of fun. When I-m at home on holiday I like to go out and talk with my friends , to throw snowballs or to make a snow-man with my friends.In winter is Christmas, the day when all the family is together and Santa Claus is coming and brings us candy and presents. On Christmas Eve we go to carol and wegain money and candy. On New Year-s Eve we go the center of the town to see the artifices and the concert.This is why I love winter, because we have so much fun then.
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