Conjugati la present simple;past continous,present perfect: to keep=a tine, to make=a face,
to be=a fi

Keep: P.Simple: I, you, we, they/ keep; he, she keeps, Past Continuous: I,he, she/was keeping ; you,we,they/were keeping, Present Perfect:: I,you,we,they/ have kept ; he ,she/has kept, Make, P.S. I,you,we,they/make ; he,she/makes,P.C: I,he,she/was making ; you,we,they/were making, P.P.: I,you,we,they have made ; he,she / has made ; TO BE, P.S. I am, you are, he, she, it/is, we,you,they/ are, P.C. I,he,she/was been ; you, we, they / were been, P.P. I,you,we,they/have been, he,she/has been


conjugati la present simple;past continous,present perfect