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Over time, man has created an own life, the artificial, consisting of homes, backyards and cereals, animal and public buildings. Today, our living environment is a mixture of nature and artificial whole, the country is closer to nature and the city, artificial environment. But however the environment, he must provide us the oxygen that we can breathe, clean water which facilitates transport to body cells, the substances that makes our metabolism.Always increase the number of people and villages to industrial development makes change in cities and metropolitan cities. Space for new buildings all taken from nature. As a result of these actions, it shrinks in size and nature, along with the industrialization, some produce useful products and account are toxic and harmful residues of human life, plants and animals. The air is polluted heating system power plants throwing smoke particles, the plants that remove cement dust and poisonous gas which can penetrate human lungs. The waters are also polluted due to highly toxic substances that enter the body of aquatic living beings. The soil can spread chemicals under the action of rainwater, dissolve and reach the rivers and oceans, and in body water and living things by their consumption in humans. Herein lies the environmental pollution comstituind a direct attack on nature.Everyone can help save nature, ensuring living conditions of the inhabitants of the Earth tomorrow. You must be a common all to save nature by stopping industrial pollution and removing the danger of contamination with debris thrown. We must understand, for example, that street is our trash basket. To throw him are special tables. Science today has the knowledge to ensure that any toxic product to be transformed into one useful: charcoal briquette smoke, dust, cement blocks, bricks tailing me. Planting trees and trees is an action that enhances the natural purification giving oxygen. In class, our apartments and gardens can be kept various plants. Each of us can contribute to this, you just have to want.
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