the childhood is the most important period of person's life.

i spend my childhood with my family and with my friends ..

i like to go to school every day for to become a big man.

i stilșl remember those days when i was learning to ride a bicycle.

i believe that childhoos is the happiest time because first children at the age do not have any special responsibility.

in other words,their minds are free.

i now realise what a wonderful childhood i have had and at times wish i could relive those days.

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Marcheaza te rog c cel mai bun:(

Mother to me and I think for all the children of the world is the most dear being as small as it helped me make my first steps to utter the name, eating helped me telling me that I must do well and only in some cases that she will always be with me.I was small I see my mother down here at my height, big in build but comparing it with women from remote I realized that her size is average.Looking at the sunlight that falls on the face of my mother I saw two tiny eyes brown eyes warm and endearing, a chocolate brown hair and a sweet smile.Colorful clothes cover his body making it cheerful.Her sweet speech relieve me every time I'm tired or sad.Riding her right and slowly make me explain my own way of being: energy and attention to detail.My mother is gentle understands me and helps me to understand some lucruri.Cand do some mischief gets angry and screams a bit, but it's only natural that because I was wrong, and I can not blame her, she just screamed simple to me.I can not write some chance of my life when my mother was good to me, because when I'm doing mischief is good with me, but there are some exceptions: for example, when I was little my mother let me make one thing that I wanted very much then: to eat for the first time only.My mother owe respect, love and my obedience!