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De multumire :
                                                By Ms / Mr ................ 
Please send this letter of thanks in appreciation and respect vis-a-vis the way you treated the problems encountered during the collaboration. Although I knew from former employees that your company is one that respects its contracts and clients, professionalism you showed me fully convinced of the quality of services they provide. When I called to you I was convinced that the technical problems we had were irreparable (I found this after I contracted several companies), but have available staff showed me that anything can be as long as done with professionalism and responsibility. Hoping for a future collaboration as beneficial, thank you and wish you much success in all that you do!

de intentie :

                              Dear Sir / Madam,
We address this letter of intent in response to your advertisement for the vacancy that you have in the institution.
I graduated administratively and Business, University of Bucharest and I believe that in his student years we have accumulated much knowledge in law, economics, management, marketing and finance. I look forward to putting this knowledge into practice, combined with useful skills domain and thus your job
I am a dynamic person with good communication skills, acquired in my experience (the promoter), responsible, committed, interested in professional development in the economic field. I wish I had the chance to work in your company where I could highlight my intellectual capabilities and experience (as CV attached) to accomplish the tasks and goals of the organization, and to develop my career.
If you believe that motivation and my qualifications are appropriate for getting a job in your company are available at any time to be contacted in order to discuss details of a possible collaboration.

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