Now, during the holidays I thought I go a little on at grandparents, because I miss them and I want to see them. I told her my mother so I accompanied she go. We prepare luggage thinking of how nice we'll have fun there.
reaching out the grandmother greeted us with great joy. us've got luggage and entered the house where my grandfather awaited us with cookies.
we sat at the table laden with many sweets and foods.
we were all happy.

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It was a hot summer day in great vacation. When I woke up it was still dark, it was six in the morning. I was at my grandparents. I got down from Patsi I quickly ran to tell his grandmother that I want to take a walk in natrura. She has approved my desire and breakfast. I hit the road, the sun was ready to sprinkle me with his tears of fire. As I climbed the hill to the village, suddenly seemed like we entered another world. It was nice that the stories my grandmother told them at bedtime. King sun engulfed the big blue sky. Cold morning dew on the green grass blanketed and fluffy. Flocks of birds flying above me with butterfliesAll culorilecare dancing in the sky.Clear skies, bright and cool blue morning prompted me to dream. I stayed a while to admire nature in feet, and then I sat in the shade of an oak Bătrâncea world, whose height you dizzy. After a while, behind me came a bark. I freaked out so much that I could not climb the tree, but I gave up, I immediately quiet barking being proved to be my adorable puppy, Candy Cane. Scare was terrible, even after I took it in my arms, my heart pounding, as if it wanted to jump out of my hand piept.Bombonel licked me to calm down. Suddenly Bobo began to run there, barking merrily giants like she wanted to tell me something. I followed! To my surprise, puppy grandparents took me to court where Mom and Dad had just arrived. After I embraced, they told me they had a surprise for me, one thing I wanted for a while. I expect a car trunk bicicletamare and pink. It was exactly what I wanted. With this bike I HINARI village streets throughout vacations.