1.Over the winter holiday we can sleep and stay up as long as we want. Honestly, this is exactly what I did the entire time. I slept from 2 AM to 12 PM. This year I spent my winter holiday with my relatives and family, but it was fun. I had a great time with my three cousins and my brother. Unfortunately, this year I did not go caroling because I thought it would be too boring. Also, Santa was pretty free-handed. (what does free handed mean?)
I celebrated the New Year with some of my classmates and a few friends. We went downtown to hear the countdown and see the fireworks, and then we went back to my place where we partied until 2 AM.
To my shame, I starting preparing for school only a few days before it started. However, I had an excuse: the holiday was too relaxing to start learning so soon.
My holiday was exciting and full of joy. ]

2.One of my favourite films is Ice Age. It is beautiful digital cartoon and it is made by a lot of artists, animators and technicians. We can see that they were successful.

I like this film because...
I like Ice Age because it is very realistic and there are a lot of good funny characters. Yes, it is very, very funny and you can laugh at it very much. The story is played in ice age – many years ago. And there are a lot of animals from this age. And that´s why I love this film.
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