Imagine that you are visiting London or your capital city . Write a postcard to an English-speaking friend . Say what you have already seen or done, and what you haven't done rog am de el nevoie urgent. Mersi



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Dear Lucy, Haven't heard from you for a while! I'm writing to you right now on the balcony of the hotel I'm currently staying in. Yup, that's right, hotel! Guess what city I'm visiting: London, the capital of the most beautiful country in the world! Sadly, this is my last day here. I've been staying for about a week but I've visited so many wonderful places! The most memorable of all was the London Eye, the biggest amusement park wheel in Europe (even though it's not located in an amusement park). It goes really slow so don't be worried that you'll get sick. I myself am quite scared of most amusement park rides. However, I could rest assured in this one! Up there the view of London is simplu fabulous: the Buckingham Palace and its marvellous garden, the famous Big Ben... it really looks like something from a fairy tale! I enjoyed the Madame Tussaud museum too. I found myself admiring and taking selfies with the "statues" there. Buckingham Palace was stunning as well. Do you know the famous guards that keep watch in front of it? I've seen them up close and I got to admit they look kind of funny. You can touch them or talk to them but they never respond; they just sit there and don't even bother to look at you! I'll make sure to come back here soon- maybe as soon as next summer, hopefully. Let's make a deal: promise to come too! Let's enjoy summer here in London, shall we? I can't wait to hear from you. Write soon! Best wishes, Adela
Chiar am muncit la ea, daca mi-o copiaza cineva ma supar. Ah si sunt olimpica la engleza deci stai calma, nu sunt greseli :) sper ca te-am ajutat!