And once again I left my hometown, leaving behind memories good and bad, this time of course.De feel it's something different, it puts me what tests encoded fate.I'm on the train, see pictures never seen before, people-weird, but I see something special in them ..... I see zambid always very happy and so are people-France.My father is excited to see Paris, or rather say the Eiffel Tower, for he still continued his book ... I want to see .... I want to see my new home, my new friends, my new room.Now look again this landscape, like it's all one time, not more ... just one ... the landscape of France. Thought not let me not think of colleagues from school, from my class teacher .. .. from high school classes ... I will never forget Mightelton.Butmy  best friend ... Julia Blaze was always near me, helped me ..... need not betrayed me.'ll keep in touch with her through the internet. .... But I do not know what I want to see it, I did not want to move home again, for I did not want to go back home .. Now I know why I'm so .... so ... excited and also sad that I left for him eam friends who gave my trust ... Because my family is the most important thing in the world, where she goes I go and I always together, they su me, we will be united again.People in France are different from people americani.Poate'll be hard to learn this strange .As soon as I got off the train I knew this would be a special day in my life
esti o scumpa! poti sa o faci cat mi lunga... multumesc inca o data
gata ,a cum e mai mare
ce titlu sa-i pun? :D