From the first blink of an eye until the last breath, people have an permanent necessity of acknowledging the world and everything that surrounds us.The first contact we have with 'new" makes us form an primarily opinion based on similarities that we already know of.But when it comes to humans, things get a little more complicated.
Firstly, people tend to form an instant impression only over their first contact with the person.More and more people are easily judge by different aspects that they reffer to a certain etimology.As an example, a person who has tattoos might be considered a sloppy and untrusted person by others without  being offered the chance  to prove that is not.That is why some great talents are ofently neglected because of not having the oportunity to prove wrong to the world
Secondly, the way someone present to a person for the first time should not create a permanent impression over the way they are like.There are hundred of cases when people start  off with the wrong foot and end up being best friends or even married.That is why you should take a lot of time in founding an overall idea over a person.You can never know the reason why a person might be grumpy with you on the first time and it is not to be considered something permanent.
In conclusion, people's opinion about others which are surrounded by should not  be formed on  first contact and mainly , on self-established criterias.People should take time to know each other better