Match the sentences on the left and right and then join them using the word so.
Exemplu:Our cars will have radar,so they won't crash.
1).there will be cables 1).computers will understand them
2).Mrs.Rickerby has programmed tin 2).the cars will know where to go
3).Tommy has put money in the machine. 3).Zara willl tell his fortune
4).People use binary numbers.
trebuie unite cu ce se potriveste.va rog ajutati-ma

stai ca nu inteleg ca in stanga sunt 4 si in dreapta sunt 3
stiu.dar asa cere exercitiul
fa si tu ce sti


Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
There will be cables, so the cars will know where to go.
Tommy has put money in the machine, so Zara will tell his fortune.
People use binary numbers, so computers will understand them.
a doua nu are sens fiindca tin inseamna conserva