Make the following interrogative:

1.You can see the train.
2.The waiter smokes cigarettes.
3.The waiters smoke cigarettes.
4.The dog sleeps under the table.
5.The boys bathe in the sea.
6.Mr.Priestley is well-dressed.
7.He generally wears a brown suit.
8.The earth moves round the sun.
9. The stars are a long way from the earth.
10. The telephone is on the desk.
11. The telephone stands son the desk.
12. The windows are open.
13.The windows stand open.
14.He can open the windows.
15. He opens the windows.



1.Can you see the train?
2.Does the waiter smoke cigarettes?
3.Do the waiter smoke cigarettes?
4.Does the dog sleep under the table?
5.Do the boys bathe in the sea?
6.Is Mr. Priestley well-dressed?
7.Does he generally wear a brown suit?
8.Is the earth moving around the sun?
9.Are the stars a long way from earth?
10.Is the telephone on the desk?
12.Are the windows open?
13.Do the windows stand open?
14.Can he open the windows?
16.Does he open the windows?
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