Make the following interrogative:
1. He teaches English to his students.
2. He knows French and German.
3. Mr. Priestley speaks these languages well.
4. Mr. Priestley can write these languages well.
5. He works at his desk
6. He is sitting by the fire.
7. The students sit in this room.
8.The students come to this room.
9.The boys and girls stay with their father at the seaside.
10. This boy plays football.
11.English people stay at this hotel.
12.The boy swims to the big rock every day.
13. The woman eats ices.
14. The men drink tea and cofee.
15. They often swim in the afternoon.



1.What she teaches to her students?
2.What languages knows she?
3.How well speaks Mr Priestley these languages?
4.How well can write Mr Priestley these languages?
6.Where he is sitting?
5.Where he works?
7.Where sit the students?
8.Where came this students?
9.With who t
he boys and girls stay at the seaside?
10.What plays this boy?
11.Which people stay at this hotel?
12.Where swim the boy every day?
13.What eats the woman?
14.What drink the men?
15.When they swim often?

Si nici in romana, e ca si cum ai spune: Ce ea preda studentilor ei?
Buna. Am inteles. E gresit, care sunt solutiile corecte? Astept raspuns.
Ok,atunci corecteaza dumneata!
Does he teach English to his students?
Does he know French and German?
Does Mr. Prestley speak these languages well?
Can Mr. Prestley write these languages well?
Does he work at his desk?
Is he sitting by the fire?
Do the students sit in this room?
Do the students come to this room?
Do the boys and girls stay with their father at seaside?
Does the boy play football?
Do the English people stay at this hotel?
Does the boy swiam to the big rock every day?
Does the woman eat ices?
Does the man drink tea and coffee?
Do they swim often in the afternoon?