Buna ofer 100 de pct .cum se citeste in engleza !

Dear Lucy
We are here at last ,in the '' cosy '' guest hourse ,remembar the advert?
Well,it isn't cosy -there are lot of noisy people around.
The ocean is quite far away from the house and we can't see it from the windows of our room.The food is awful and the dining room too small, with old furniture.
The evenigs are so quiet ; you feel like crying .

Comentariul a fost şters
Comentariul a fost şters


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Sa stii ca iti scriu cum se citeste . We ar her at last , in tha cousy quest horse , rimember tha advert ?
Well,it isant cousy - thea ar lot of nousy pipal around 
tha ousan is quaiet for away from tha hous and we cant sii it from the widows of our rum. tha fud  is auful and tha dining rum tu smol , uit old furtinure . tha ivining ar su quaiet you fil like craing 
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