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In my opinion every person has in life a goal. This aim can be defined as an ambition for the individual to overcome his/hers barriers, to become better at something or to climb the social ladder. 
First of all, having an ambitions can give life a purpose, a desire of winning all the challenges we have to overcome in order to get where we want. I believe that for teenages a main ambition is to pass with flying colors all the exams in order to get into university, to be able to not be ashamed of one's results and to be at ease with yourself because you gave everything you could in order to get the results you wanted.  My ambition is to get into medical school. and maybe work in the programme called 'doctors without borders'. Since i was little i wanted to be able to help people, and i believe that this is the only way i could, taking into consideration my gender and my qualities. 
Secondly, I want to make my parents proud of me and not to be embarassed because i have failed the national examination, in other words the baccalaureate. 
All in all, having an ambition makes people aware of their strenghts , qualities and the usual competitiveness that exists between individuals and inside us. 
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