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Page 1: The director didn't allowed the actors to travel by air while they were working on the film last time.

When I arrived at the meeting the first speaker just finished speaking and the audience was clapping.

I remember that while I was learning to drive I had ten accidents. 

Yesterday he had a bad fall while he was repairing the roof of his house.

The play was written by a previously unknown author but now his name is known in many countries of the world.

On Sundays I stay in bed till ten o'clock, reading the Sunday papers.

You may fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time; buy you can not fool all the people all the time.

There was a long silence in the room. Nobody said anything.

I hope the wheather will be nice in the weekend.

We have bought a new flat not long ago and moved in very soon.

If you learn a new language, you will get a better job when you leave school.

I am sure that I'll recognize him when we'll meet next summer.

I hope you will understand everything when you will be older.

Nowadays many accidents are caused by dangerous driving.

The play is less interesting than the book.

Apples are not so expensive as oranges.

When I pass my driving test I will be able to hire a car from our local garage.

She is seriously ill. She's been in the hospital for three weeks. We are going to the hospital to see her.

Don't worry. I'll look after the children. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Page 2: 
What do you think of this last book ? I like it very much. It's the most interesting book I ever read.

When she left school she cut her hair and wore it shore ever since. 

Mr. Blake is the bank manager. He has been here for 25 years. He said he is going to retire soon.

We missed the bus. Now we'll have to walk home.

St. Paul's Cathedral was designed by Christopher Wren and thousands of people are beeing attracted by its beauty ever since.

If someone has any questions, I'll be pleased to answer them.

I bought my sister a book and a bottle of parfume for her birthday but I don't think she liked the perfume.

The price of one of those lemons is 25 pence. Those lemons are 25 pence each.

These days everybody is aware of the danger of smoking.

I think the gouvernment has to do more to help homless people.

Do you know the lady who just left the shop ? She is a customer of yours ?

Did you see my bag anywhere ? I have been looking for it for ages buy I haven't found it yet.

You are tired. You have been driving all day. Let me drive now.

That helicopter has been flying round the house for the last hour. Do you think it takes photographs ? 

When they got to the police station, the immediately were questioned by a police officer.

We've just bought a piano. Can you play the piano ?

Life is very difficult for a unemployed these days. 

We had to run all the way to the station because we were late for the train.

What is the best film you've ever seen ?

The Olympic games are held every four years.
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