Work in pairs.Ask and answer question using the words given as the words given, as in the example.
Example: A: When do you decorate the fir tree?
B: In winter, at Christmas.

a) decorate the fir tree / at Christmas.
b) swim in the sea / summer.
c) go on a picnic / spring.
d) pick apples / autumn
e) play with snowballs / winter.
f) go back to school / autumn.
g) eat a lot of ice cream / summer.



When do you swim in the sea?
In summer.

When do you go on a picnic?
In spring

When do you pick apples?
In autumn

When do you play with snowballs?
In winter

When do you go back to shool?
In autumn

When do you eat a lot of ice cream?
In summer
cum lea facut ca sunt doar 6 ??
a) e facut la exemplu