Last summer was the one I will never forget. It was a great summer. Since we had a break from school, I went to the seaside. I swam into the sea and sunbathed. The weather outside was so warm, but the water was pretty cold and I really enjoyed swimming. Besides going to the seaside, I also visited my relatives. I haven't seen them for a while, so me and my parents decided to pay a visit to them. It was nice to meet my relatives after a long time. Also, when I had nothing else to do, I hanged out with my friends. We often played games together and sometimes we just enjoyed walking in the park and talking. I missed my classmates, but some of them were also close friends of mine, so we also met together. That summer was great because not only I went to the seaside, but I also enjoyed my time with my friends and my relatives. I hope this summer will be as good as the last one. 
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