1. Propoziții afirmative:
Yes,I can help you.
No,she has two books.
Propoziții interogative:
She is your best friend?
You are a notebook?
Propoziții negative:
I don't know.
I can't help you.
2. Dessert
 Introducere: Perhaps all I know that in the dessert is very hot.
Cuprins:In dessert yes,is very hot.People there work with camels and because it is so hot,sometims has hallucinations.Although the day is very hot,it's cool at night.
Încheiere:Therefore,the dessert is a warm place and wirdeness.

Sper că te-am ajutat.Multă baftă! :*

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Mulțumesc Andreea9 pentru folositorul răspuns! Mi-ai fost de mare ajutor!
Ai cateva greseli: it's hot (nu exista is hot); people sometimes have hallucinations; wirdness nu exista
Cu drag, Ditza ! :*
^^ ca sa fie si mai corect poti sa iti editezi greselile, cu mare placere apropo.
Merci :**