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                                           A long friendship
Me and my friend Amy went in the park yesterday . We had an ice-cream and a juice.      All the time we spoke about books, about marks, about films and more and more...   Amy told me about her smart cousin,Alex. Alex has twelve years old and knows a lot of interesting things. I told her that my younger sister Nina gave me a greeting card for her birthday! We played frisbee together.                                                                                     Then we went to Amy's house. She showed me her collection of adventure books. She read me a chapter of the book ,,The adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain. This book is Amy's favourite. I like this book too. Then she showed me her brother's cars collection. I told Amy that my brother has a car collection,too. After that, we enjoyed a funny and interesting film. We ate popcorn. After the film,we served chocolate cake and a cup of tea.                                                                                                                          At 4.30, we went to the zoo. We saw zebras,parrots, kangaroos, elephants and many other tropical animals.                                                                                                 At 5.00, our parents made us a very big surprise:a party to celebrate our long friendship. There came our cousins, grandparents and relatives. We had a strawberry and also a vanilla cake for dessert.Then we danced and played many interesting games. I met Amy's smart cousin, Alex, and he told me what means a long and durable friendship. But we knew what is a long and durable friendship.We had this experience.We were very happy that were friends for so long.
        It was a great day!

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