Ajutati-ma urgent!!
O compunere in engleza despre erou meu preferat(cum ar fi :Superman,Spider-man,Hulk... nu conteaza ce erou) in care sa folesesc cuvintele astea (well-built,big muscles,strong,rescue,save,special powers,brave,courageous,fearless).As dorite referatu cat mai urgent ca o am ca tema!!



Batman is a hero to me because I have learned many good things from him. He has showed me that it is better to care for everybody than just the people who are close to you. He has also taught me that you don't need powers to be a hero, and that even if you have a lot of money you should still go out of your way to help people who aren't as fortunate as you. He has also taught me some pretty sweet fighting moves. He is also my hero because he has always been my favorite super hero and I have always looked up to him. Batman was my favorite cartoon when I was a kid and The Dark Knight is my favorite movie. He is my hero because he stands for everything that is good in the world.
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