We are living in an awfully materialistic times. On the top of that we use more resources than ever because the demand is so high. A couple of years ago, some people found an opportunity, they thought that ripping the environment from its natural resources would be a great way to gain some big money and so they did. They change the forestry industry, they used machines never seen before and started using forests as their playground. That is true that people nowadays cannot live without paper and other wood by-products but do we really need as much as we use? Couldn't we change something, anything in our daily routines so the damage would become a little bit smaller? 

You might think that those are just trees but no, they are not. They are natural habitats for countless species of animals - birds, mammals, insects, billions of species that are dying due to their homes reaching demise far worse that one can imagine being possible. Try, close your eyes and picture your home, your family, try to think what your future might be and then, in an instant, all of it goes away, washed or rather trashed under a foot of something unimaginably powerful and grand. Now come back to yourself, look at those who make money killing other species and remember ''When the last tree will fall and the last cricket will sing, they'll realise that money is not for eating.''
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