I decided that I need to spend some time with my family, so today we're going to visit the Bran Castle, in Brasov. Some people said  that in the Bran Castle lives Dracula, but I don't think so. The travel was a pleasant one, and the landscape was incredible. We met different areas of relief, mountains ( Bucegi was formidable ) and green plains.
When we arrived, we decided to explore the legend of the Count Dracula. The guide told us that Dracula is a fictional carachter, created by Bram Stoker. After that, we visited the Bran Gorge. The Guide said that is  one of the most important trans-Carpathian passages, has had a dynamic history. Its story has been characterized by two major components: the trade routes of its crossroads, and the recurring military invasions that utilized them. A natural amphitheater, guarded from the East by the Bucegi Mountains and from the West by the Piatra Craiului Massive, the Bran Gorge offered, due to its concave space, a wide panorama both to Burzenland (Ţara Bârsei), and to the hills and valley of Moeciu.
At the end of the day, we came back home. That day was a incredible day, when I stay with my family.
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