Make up the questions for a questionnaire and write them in your notebook. Use the options in brackets and Do, Make and Get .
ex: 1.Your mum is feeling very tired. (a cup of coffee or a sandwich?)- Do you make her a cup of coffee or make her a sandwich?
2. You're hungry but the fridge is empty. ( a pizza or the shopping?)
3. It's a sunny Sunday in the summer . ( up early or up late?)
4. Your younger brother is really hungry but your mum and dad are not at home. ( a snack or some lunch?)
5.You are late for school.(the bus or to school late?)



2. Do you get a pizza or do the shopping?
3.Do you get up early or do you get up late?
4.Do you get him a snack or make him lunch?
5.Do you get the bus or make it to school late?
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2. Do you get / make a pizza or do the shopping?
3. Do you wake up early or do you wake up late?
4. Do you make a snake or get/ grab some lunch?
5. Do you take the buss or get to school late?