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Trebuie sa mentionez cuvintele sunt puse in ordine primul cuvant corespunde primei propozitii
The ancient Egyptian took a lot of care over their (0)apperance .Having an attractive hairstyle ,for example was of great (1).............. But the ancient Egyptian did not cut and style their hair like we do today.The(2)..........of upper-class men and women cut their of and more wigs .There are number(3)........for why they did this.In Egypt hot climate having no hair was a lot cooler than having hair.Also those who had no hair didn't have to worry about hair lice a common problem at the time .Egyptian took great pride in their wigs and made no attempt to pretend that they still had their (4).........hair In fact they would have been offended if someone thought they weren't a wig. Wigs were a sign that a person was upper class and Egyptian law forbade slaves and(5)......from wearing them
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