I will be home in few hours
I  will be there when you need me
I will be happy if you write me 
This t-shirt will be perfect for me
 This will be the best vacantion for me. etc. 
Will you come with me please?
Children will be children. I wonder who that tall man will be. My daughter will ve bery happy if you lend her this new dictionary. I don't know whether they will succeed or not. My can won't start. This girl will spend long hours listening to music. Will you kindly repreat the last sentence. This will be the place where the accident took place. Her guest will have arrived by now. Who will that pretty woman be? They will have understood us, i suppose.
Our friends haven;t arrived yet; they will still be working. The bell is ringing. That will be Albert.
He will do that if you want to. Nobody will say a thing about what they have just written on the blackboard. Will you be there at 9.00 , please? Won't you be thrilled when you see her again? If they learn better about the chess secrets this semester, they'll be smarter. She won't be ready unless her sister hurries her up. Tell me, please, where will you be the next hour? Guess who will be here soon? Spring will not be so warm this year but summer will.
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