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Va rog putin ajutor ! :D

I saw your advertisement in our local English newspaper for helpers to organise sports acticities at your summer camps in the USA and I would like to aply . I am sixteen years old and come from Buenos Aires in Argentina .I speak good English as 1................ at school for many years . 2 .................... in two years' time , I would like to go to university and maybe become a teacher of English .
I am very kenn on sports and 3 ............. playning tennis , handball and football . I am also a good swimmer . 4 ............of working with children but I have three younger brother and I after babysit for neighbours' children .
5 ........... in finding a job this summer in an English speaking country and , as I have never been to the USA before , this would be a wonderful opportunity 6 ........ any time after June 30th .
I hope that 7 ........ . I look forward ts 8 .......... .

Complete a student's letter of appliction , replying to the advertisement for camp helpers , using the useful phrases a) - i ) below .
a) you will consider my application b) I have studied English c) I am particularly interested d) I saw your advertisment in e) I have no direct experience f) hearing from you
g) When I leave school
h) spend most of my free time
i) I would be able to start


B g h e c i a si scuze da cred ca ai gresit punctul d ...
Mersi , nu le+am gresit asa este scris in culegere ! :d Mersi oricum !
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