Ma ajutati va rog frumos sa scriu descrierea nei persoane (oricare) in engleza?(multumesc)

la concluzie poti scrie general coomments despre persoana sau poti descrie parerea ta despre acea persoana
The person I love the most is my mother. She is everything to me. She is very beautiful, with long curly hair and big brown eyes. Her nose is small and has a daring chin which shows that she is the most courageous person I have ever known. Apart from being friendly and interesting, she is also very kind and always knows how to make something bad feel better. She enjoys reading and taking part in different activities, which we usually do together. She is my mother, my sister and my best friend.
\Para II: Write abuot her/his hair (curly,brown...etc.), colour of eyes, skin colour
Para I: His/Her Name, his/her age, his/her birthday date, his/her job (if he.she have one). scrie unde locuieste
Para III: His/her hobbies, passions,favourite singer, best friend AND A C O N C L U S I O N: he/she is ....for me


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My best friend is Bianca . She is tall and slim. She has got dark hair and brown eyes . She is cute and beautiful ! Bianca is a good friend!
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