Listen and read
Luke freeman is talking to Police Constable Jean Watson.
`We had a good time at the disco.We left at 11.15 but we missed the last bus. We decided to walk home along the sea front.
Suddenly,we heard a cry for help.We went down to the beach and saw a man lying there.That was at about 11.45. I ran to a phone box to call the police and an ambulance. I dialled 999.
The others stayed on the beach with the man.He was unconscious.They didn`t move him but Emily put Daniel`s jacket over him. A few minutes later an anbulance arrived and took the man to hospital.` tradusa plss



Pentru cand trebuie tradusa? Ti-o traduc eu! 
ca asa o traduceam si eu
Ok. O sa ti-o traduc in seara asta. Gen intr-o ora ti-o trimit pe privat! :)
ms mult
Nu. Google Translate nu traduce n
Bine. :)