Cine poate sa-mi faca si mie in engleza propozitii cu cuvintele: to go jyriding\ a jyrider, to steal\ theft\ a thief, to write\ spray graffiti\ to break into. to be caught, to be fined, to punish\ punishment. to go to\ be sent to prison,



1. He tried to steal the diamond.
2. A theft had taken place yesterday.
3. They were looking for a thief.
4. I write a short story for a contest.
5. She sprayed graffiti on that wall.
6. He wanted to break into her apartment.
7. The dog which escaped has been caught.
8. I was fined by the policeman yesterday.
9. My mother punished me for the bad behaviour I had.
10. The punishment was very rought. 
11. He had to go to the prison.
12. The burglar was immediately sent to the prison.

Scuze, dar nu stiu ce inseamna  to go jyriding/jyrider, nu cred ca exista. Ai vrut sa scrii joyriding/joyrider? Sper ca te-am ajutat destul totusi :)
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