Pag.89,ex.1.) Choose the correct answer from the text.
1.What are the Chinese teenagers doing in Brazil?
a)They`re playing a football match.
b)They`re learning Portuguese.
c)They`re training to be world-class footballers.
2.)How long is their programme?
a)Two years.,b)Five years.,c)A week
3.)How often do they go back to China?
a)Every year.,b)In their second yea.,c)Once during the five years
4.What do they do after a day`s training?
a)Telephone home.,b)Watch old videos.,c)Go to a local cafe.
5.)What do local Brazilians think of them?
a)They think the Chinese speak Portuguese very well.
b)They think the Chinese can`t play football.
c)They like watching them play football

How does a country produce champion football players?The Chinese think they know the answer.In a small village called Juquitiba near Sao Pablo in Brazil,twentytwo Chinese teenagers are playing football on a rough football pitch. They are the top teenage football players in the whole of China.One day they are going to be world champions.The teenagers are on a five-year programme of training with a Brazilian football coach,Ecio Pasca.They start at six o`clock in the morning because it`s so hot later in the day,and they play,practise and study footbal for eight hours a day,six days a week. They can only go back home to China for one short trip to see their families.In their free time in the evening,they watch Chinese video tapes on an old video.The team captain,Li Tie,says,It`s is sometimes very hard here.I miss my family terribly,but i want to be successful. Patricia Otavio has a small cafe in Juquitiba.Everybody here likes the Chinese footballers.They can`t speak Portuguese,but they are very popular.Local people like watching the boys play because,as a villager says,No Brazilian wants to miss a football game. But why are these Chinese boys training in Brazil? The answer is simple.China hasn`t got a tradition of playing football.Brazil has. With Brazil`s help,the Chinese government is sure that it is going to produce a winning Chinese footbal t



1. c) 2. b) 3. a) 4. b) 5. c)
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